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We, Two Hands International, Who are the professional international trade company in South Korea, was founded in 12.APR.2016.  

Executives is composed of experts from each field, Slogan for the Healthy and Safetyof Mankind is that we will do business to provide deep impression to an end user.


We have brand as follow, It is concerned with Two Hands International. 

-SEMA of Ear Health Service

-Soo&Soo of Food service

-ANTISTA of ESD solution service.,

Let you know if why you do business with Two Hands International.

We are,


We, Two Hands provides brand value by involving ourselves in areas of development that most trading service companies wouldn`tconsider


We are outsourcing most of the food processing[manufacturing process]and making our brand “Soo&Soo” by cooperation factory.

Great[good] Company

Two Hands International will share partner's load allowing partner for more efficient business.  

Business is only human, after all.   


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameTwo Hands Int'l
  • Business TypeTrading Company
  • Year Established2016
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsAustralia,China,Hong Kong(China),India,Japan,Malaysia,Thailand,Taiwan,U.S.A,Viet Nam
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentHenry Kang
  • Phone+82-70-8861-9327
  • FAX+82-2-6280-9327
  • Product Category Consumer Electronics > Earphone & Headphone
    Food & Beverage > Food Agents
    Health & Medical > Other Medical Equipment
    Textiles & Leather Products > Functional Fabric > Anti-static Fabric

Additional Introduction

TwoHand Business areas

1. SEMA,  Bone conduction earphone  - Ear Health Service Team

 Protect from sound and hear more sound.
SEMA is a bone conduction earphone, which corrects defect of conventional earphone (eardrum damage, hardness of hearing). It does not cover ears, so you can hear external warning sound in walking or riding bicycle preventing accident.

2. ANTISTA  - ESD Service Team

All area from your daily life to advanced industrial field, Realizing Zero-Static of ANTISTA

Affiliate of Two Handshas have been developing anti-static product, which is the brand of ESD solution.

Two Hands started lauching the ANTISTA, distributed anti-static products to prevent statics in all area of our life.

3. Soo&Soo - FOOD Service Team

Wild Seafood only and Super health Food for human. It could easily eat everyone.

Super Health food of the sea, It is Sea Cucumber.

Uncontaminated areas of the sea, Wild mackerel.

Make it easy for everyone to take eat of Squid product  


4. HEMA PURE - MEDICAL Service Team  

We will be healthy again, by photon blood therapy!
Our newly developed HEMA PURE product is the photon blood therapy, in which patient's blood is collected, UV (UV-C spectrum) is projected and transfuse the blood back to the patient. This therapy improves blood circulation, immunity, preventing aging and effective in detoxification of body. 


Factory Information

  • Sea cucumber Processing Factory79-13,geumgwan-daero, 804beon-gil,Gimhae-si,Gyeongsangnam-do,Korea
  • Chung hae processing Factory18,3 gil, Sacheon-si,Kyeong Sang Nam-Do,South Korea